UX & UI design for Leuka new website


Leuka is a UK charity dedicated to curing leukaemia and blood cancers by translating research into new treatments, so patients can live better, longer lives. Leuka underwent a re-branding exercise over 5 years ago when its current website was designed and built. At the time, we positioned ourselves in the “translational” space between pure science (Wellcome Trust) at one end and direct patient care at the other (MacMillan Cancer). Our aim is to turn research into treatment.


Hactar and Leuka worked together to audit and unify the old Leuka website and their annual Who’s cooking Dinner campaign. The new sitemap is more user friendly and future proofed, with a clear adoption ladder.


Sitemap & UX


Initial proposed Style Routes


Final Responsive Design 


Following the colour theme throughout the pages

Working out a donation route


Linking the Who’s cooking Dinner into the main website










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