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The Brief


I initially worked with Jaguar & Landrover with the Rainmaking Ventures. I was brought in to be part of a small team that consisted of 1 x designer, 1 x developer, 1 x strategist and 1 x client from JLR. The idea was to work as an agile team and test hypothesis and problems sent to us by the JLR innovation team, InMotion. The initial project I worked on was to test if commuter ride sharing was a validated idea that could turn into a business. After a month and half of testing, we came to the conclusion, that although the offer in theory seemed good, in reality commuters weren’t willing to be flexible with their commuting time and places for it to work successfully. With that idea parked I helped out with pushing further the idea of peer to peer car lending . See the journey below.





Validating the idea

Before getting into any design, we would get acquainted with post it notes and drawing pads. Quite often we would go round in circles by getting excited by an idea, and then wondering how it would work in reality. We built a number of landing page sites to first validate and test that there was need for an app like this. The results we got back were positive in proving that the there was a market in the UK for a product like this




The user journey

Working with my team from DCCPER, we created user journeys to help figure out how we could quicken up the journey from opening the app to securing a insurance on your friends car. The main difficulty was keeping the legalities needed to ensure the insurance was valid, as there were many factors that would change the validity, like age, country, car type etc.







Initial Designs

We went through quite a few different initial design styles, ranging from keeping really simple and using the light blue to the logo. To creating a darker look that could seem more sophisticated. We eventually decided to update the colour palette all together to use a bright green and bright contrasting pink colour for the primary colours. The idea was that it should look as simple as possible, and should seem safe yet fun at the same time






Final Designs

Using the updated colour palette we freshened the whole of the UI. The idea was that it should look as simple as possible, and should seem safe yet fun at the same time. We also transferred this idea to the error screens too, as there may be lots of cases where someone can’t be insured, it was important to make the user journey positive rather than a negative feeling. We decided to use fun copy and illustrations with key call to actions, to ensure the user would come back one we were able to fix a solution to the reason why they weren’t able to be insured.











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