Inkpact | Putting pen to paper

Creating a self sufficient platform for Inkpact

About Inkpact

Inkpact was created in 2015 to bring thoughtful human interaction into communications. Founder Charlotte identified a need to shake things up, realising the only way to truly stand out was to write to people by hand. Charlotte teamed up with co-founder Andrew to take Inkpact to the next level. Andrew’s tech background was key to developing technology to support automated and strategic campaigns. Today, Inkpact has worked with some of the UK’s top brands and grown a vast community of scribes to transform communications in business.



  • Agency – Bannahhain Ltd
  • UX & UI Design
  • Workshops
  • Project planning
  • Remote work
  • Client facing






Initial strategy workshop, involving all the key stakeholders to figure out the direction of the website and figure out what is needed.





From the discovery phase I moved into creating the sitemap for the website, using webflow







From the sitemap, we moved into the high rez wireframes.





Once the wireframes were signed off we worked together to create a mood board for ideas on the website.








From the mood boards, we were able to look at creating an initial style guide to follow through into the UI design of the website.




UI Design

Fram the style guide, we could create the designs of the page and follow the wireframes to bring it all to life.









Final Thoughts

I always enjoy working with the Inkpact team, as they truly understand the digital process because they start with digital themselves. I always work closely with Andrew, who like me wants to enable the site to work seamlessly and beautifully, so is as able as myself to cut what isn’t needed to ensure we have the best and most professional looking MVP.







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