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Burnet News Club

How to engage children in cognitively-challenging discussions about current affairs.

About the Burnet News Club

Is a charity that is part of the Economist foundation. Their mission is to enable young people to understand and thoughtfully influence social, political and economic issues shaping their society and affecting their lives.


The Brief

Build a new responsive site that will allow for expansion and development of the Burnet News Club programme over the next 5 years (and beyond), both in the UK and potentially internationally

  1. Make more of our current affairs content
  2. Make it easier for students to take part in rich discussions with each other
  3. Drive user engagement by rewarding strong blog contributions / profiles ā€“
  4. Automate admin tasks / user management that we currently do manually
  5. Analytics, data collection and reporting
  6. Allow certain elements of our content / certain functionality to be available only to people with a particular kind of account.













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